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Monday, July 23, 2012

120723 Room Temperature

What is room temperature? I read things like “keep at room temperature” or “safe at room temperature” or “solid at room temperature”.

I have to ask myself, “Whose room are we discussing?”

When I lived in Alaska, room temperatures were somewhere between 60F and 70F. Some hardy folk let it drop into the 50s, simply because they lived on a boat or in an Eskimo lodge.

Now, I live in South Texas. What we call ‘a cool early morning breeze’ would be oppressively over-the-top summer temperatures for Alaskans. What we call ‘room temperature’ would be stifling. My jar of coconut oil says, “solid at room temperatures”.

Again I ask, “Whose room are we discussing?”

I took the jar out of the refrigerator and left it on the counter for a couple of hours. It is completely liquid. Whomever decided what ‘room temperature’ was, didn’t live in South Texas.