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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

140916 Why Do I Need the Air Conditioner?

I know why. I live in South Texas, that's why. Some people from Minnisota came down for a visit a couple of years ago and used our weather as proof of Global Warming.


It was actually a cool summer that year. For here it was cool -- only few triple digits, (above 38C). Even when I was a child in the 1960s, we regularly had summers that tested the limits of human endurance! We had no A/C then, and I remember looking at a thermometer that said 114F (46C). It was in the car port, in the breezeway, in the shade, and it was better than in the house!

People don't think. They simply believe what they are told without considering the motives of those who try to influence another's behavior. It seems that some people even have trouble trusting their own memories when it comes to the political clout of certain so-called authorities.

A couple of weeks ago, my A/C went out. We were still getting triple digits. I tried the homemade A/C that the Crazy Russian posted on You Tube. It was pretty good, but the ice didn't last nearly long enough.

My landlord got me a new window unit, but I don't have the ability to get it into the window. Temps have gone down into the 90s and high 80s, so I am have decided to wait for our two weeks of winter to get the unit into the window. I'm still laughing at those who are heralding the crisp mornings or a bite in the air. Our 'bite' was a dip into the 70s a couple of days ago. Yep, it got all the way down to 24C the other night.

Yep. Don't you just love South Texas?

140916 My Voice Came Back

On Monday, September 8, a friend left a message on my phone to call her. We connected on Tuesday. She asked me to sing at her wedding. Cool! Once before, I sang at a wedding, and I have sung with various amateur choirs before dozens, even hundreds of people. It was an honor to be asked.

Usually, I get significant notice before public singing. This wedding was on Saturday, September 13.

She needed my help and loved my voice, so we agreed on a song I already knew, and I practiced it. Friday night was rehearsal, but the song didn't fit. About 10pm, the minister called with a replacement song. He also informed me that I had to be my own accompaniment. Never before had I successfully sung and played the piano at the same time, and I had sixteen short hours to learn! To add to the stress, both of my girls had respiratory ailments. A scratch had invaded my throat.

This was truly an exercise in believing! Nothing can be accomplished without at least a kernel of belief. God strengthened me and helped me to rise above my fear.

Getting to the hall early, I familiarized myself with the electric piano. I worked out the cords for the left hand, since the music available to me was written for singing and had only the melody. I rested my voice by practicing sotto voice instead of from the diaphragm. When I felt confident enough, I found someone to minister healing to me for that irritated throat.

My throat ceased its clamoring. I was determined to bless my friends!

The time appointed arrived. With a mixture of friends and strangers before me, my heart played. 

"There's a peace in heart that the World never gave! A peace it cannot take away..."

Several people told me it was beautiful. God made it beautiful. He blessed me mightily.

Monday, September 1, 2014

140901 Kidney Pain

A lot of these testimonials were written by other people, but this one is about me:

First, be advised that one should consult a physician with symptoms like this:

For a day or so, I had been having discomfort in my lower back, but no history of lower back pain. Also, for the last week, it had been difficult to urinate. This happens far too frequently with me. I knew I needed to drink more water, but at the same time had trouble doing so. 

Suddenly, sharp pains attacked my kidney area. It was as if someone had plunged a knife there! Immediately, I grabbed the closest oil, put it on the back of my hand and slapped my hand onto the area of pain. It was DiGize. I had meant to use Thieves, but utilized the DiGize by mistake. DiGize, however, ended the pain. Just to be sure, I put a drop of Thieves on a clay pendent to wear it close to my face all day. Then, I put a few drops of Grapefruit in every glass of water. Over the course of the next six hours, I drank almost four liters of water in between eating fresh vegetables with sea salt. (Water flushes out salt. Salt is necessary for life. Sea salt provides the proper electrolytes, without the chemicals that are added to ‘table’ salt.)

The pain is gone. After reviewing the EODR, it seems that DiGize was the correct choice. I plan to follow the advice there, which includes other oils and nutritional supplements. Having these oils blesses me.