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Monday, November 23, 2015

151123 Emergency Supplies

Today, I was reading about emergency supplies. This is something that interests me. Here is part of the list of things one needs for emergencies.

Medical supplies to have on hand:
  • Scissors
  • Cloth or paper medical tape 1-2 inch wide
  • 4 x 4 gauze; it can be folded over when the injury is small.
  • Ace bandages — 3-5 inches wide for the lower and upper extremities
  • Slings
  • Splinter remover to remove foreign bodies
  • Ice pack

Although I edited this list a little for my own needs, I had to totally scrap his list of medications. We use essential oils, which have something like a twenty year shelf life.

Oils we need for common ailments and emergencies:
  1. Thieves® treats all viral and bacterial infections.
  2. Pain medications:
    1. Severe pain: equal parts copaiba, balsam fir, and frankincense. Place four drops each into 00 capsule and take every three to five hours as needed.
    2. Headache: vetiver, marjoram, lemon, and coriander. Place three drops each into 00 capsule and take as needed.
    3. Body aches: cypress and lemongrass. Place three drops each into 00 capsule, add several drops of olive oil, and take as needed.
  3. Breathing medications: Peppermint, Wintergreen, or eucalyptus. Smell one or all.
  4. Gastrointestinal medications: Apply DiGize® to the tummy area, or take internally.
  5. Skin medications: frankincense, lavender and carrot work well for skin conditions. Mix with equal parts of carrier oil, and apply topically. For sunscreen, add about thirty drops of lavender to four ounces of sesame oil and apply to skin.
  6. Psychotropic medications: Ha! Use Peace and Calming®, Grounding®, or Common Sense® or some other blend that address the specific complaint. Frankincense is also good for improving one's mood, especially when coupled with the Word of God!
  7. Diabetic medications: Common Sense® works. My favorite blend uses four drops each of ocotea, clove, and bergamot.

So, now I have the ultimate list of oils to keep with me. I shall build my supply. These oils keep for years, even decades, unopened, so stockpiling is not the waste of money that chemical medications could become. Plus, some of them can be grown locally.

My short list of valuable oils:
Aroma Siez
Balsam fir
Ylang Ylang

These guys are the ones I use on a regular basis. Other that I that would be nice to have on hand would be:

Common Sense®
Eucalyptus Globulus
Peace and Calming®

Vetiver is one I should probably have, because it provides emotional grounding and sleep support. Frankly, I have no problem with my sleep. I have come to like the cat naps I take instead of the one long chunk. Insomnia is good for writing. On the other hand, 
vetiver is a vital ingredient in the alternative to acetaminophen.

Friday, November 20, 2015

151120 What Helps With Winter Illness?

Jewish penicillin helps, and I force it onto my children. Another thing that really works are Young Living (R) essential oils. In 1976, I caught my first case of bronchitis in my first year of college. It was horrible and I received penicillin for it. Every year thereafter, I caught a case of bronchitis, and doctors treated it with antibiotics. Antibiotics give me the runs. By 2005, I was getting bronchitis twice a year. Sometimes, it escalated into walking pneumonia. Antibiotics were no longer eliminating the disease after the normal course of ten days to two weeks. The side effects became worse. I also developed a continual case of asthma. I suffered from the side effects of the drugs, but ignoring the disease made it last for months instead of weeks, and it still took a two week dose of ever stronger antibiotics with their side effects to stop the horrible chest infection.

In 2009, I became involved with essential oils. I was at work, but had accidentally left my inhaler at home. A friend shoved a bottle of peppermint essential oil at me, so I used it like an inhaler. It worked as well. I could breathe again. I used it once more that day. She told me to keep the bottle. Six months later, I threw away my inhaler, because I no longer needed it. I've had all of one attack since 2009; peppermint quickly took care of it.

The next time bronchitis hit, I used a variety of oils on my feet, covered them with socks, and went to bed with socks in place. I did this every night for two weeks as if it were the old prescription of antibiotics. Bronchitis came only once that year. The following year, bronchitis hit again, but instead of two weeks, it lasted only one. For the winter of 2014, it didn't come at all. I have not had so much as a cold since then. Respiratory allergies do not plague me anymore. I confirm this by regularly checking my vitals. It's wonderful to be well.

When I broke my foot last month, pain stopped with the application of essential oils. I use a "Bone Blend" to speed healing. My diabetes has been under control without chemical medication. I pursue a low carbohydrate diet, perform regular exercise, and apply essential oils. Learn more at www.youngliving.org/mynesdojomom and oil-testimonials.com/1217697.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

151117 Foot Freedoms

My foot has reached a milestone of freedom. Starting today, it can be out of The Boot for short periods of time. Also, I can walk more with The Boot. I don't like the way the foot looks. It reminds me of when Brownhead broke her foot.

About a decade ago, we had a juvenile goat that got her foot stuck in between some metal panels. Before we could get to her, she broke her leg just above the hoof, and clearly she was in pain. I called the vet, but he wanted $600 to fix it. The goat was only worth about $40, so we left her with the herd. We thought coyote-dogs would get her, because she was crippled. Instead, the donkey protected her. The foot healed at an angle, and she learned how to run with a bent leg. After a few years, the billy made his way to our freezer, and she took over leading the herd. That hoof had grown to cover the place where the original break was. The result was an extra wide hoof on one of her back legs and a funny, lop-sided run.

The accident last month crushed the joints between the metatarsals and the flanges of the three middle toes of my right foot. When I removed The Boot last night, I saw that those toes have been displaced and now slant to the right, and there is a dimple at the base of the second toe. The toes don't move at all. I refuse to have surgery. If I can walk, it will be OK. I never was one for running. The doctor said that I could ride an exercise bike, and I tested that. It will be OK.

Now, I can believe God to overcome this disablement. My knees finally healed, so this foot will be my next project. I know from Brownhead's example that just because it doesn't look pretty doesn't mean it can't work anyway. It may mean that I have to wear shoes all the time, but I already have to do that because of fallen arches and plantar fasciitis. Of course, I'll continue to treat the foot with oils and take my calcium supplements.

Monday, November 16, 2015

151116 Nothing New to Say

Usually, when current events inflame the masses, I want to add to it. Instead, while I'm having a hefty dose of "I told you so..." and it seems rather inappropriate just now.

Instead, let me tell you about the oils I'm taking. Young Living had been having some trouble harvesting enough of a certain oil to make their blend, Peace and Calming. It has returned to their supply, but some of us keening missed it. I found others that makes everything better: Grounding and Common Sense. Both have ingredients that are good for high blood pressure, but Common Sense is very good for diabetics!

In case you didn't know, some diabetics live in a precarious hormonal soup. When the blood glucose levels go too high, we can feel euphoric as our bodies eat the protein of our insides instead of the vast amounts of sugar flowing through our veins. When blood glucose drops too low, I personally become testy, paranoid, panicked, and have a migraine-like headache. Either extreme causes me to start writing nasty opinion pieces that attack anyone who disagrees with me.

Since I started sniffing Grounding and Common Sense, blood glucose has been closer to normal and emotional swings have been absent. They even brought me back from a doughnut. I'm liking these oils.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

151114 Renewing the Mind in Light of World Events

Isaiah 33:6
"And wisdom and knowledge shall be the stability of thy times, and strength of salvation: the fear of the LORD is his treasure."
Knowledge of what? Where does wisdom come from? Who provides strength and salvation? "Fear" in this verse is the old-fashioned way of indicating respect. Listen friends, terror comes from our Adversary, the Devil, (1 Peter 5:8). Isn't our God stronger?

Why is there evil in the world? Because people allow it. We may be seeing incidents globally; each battle, however, happens in each individual's mind. It is the combination of many individual thoughts that leads to global revolution. Whether it be good or bad depends on the free will choices of those who stand for the True God. Control your own thinking by replacing negative thoughts with the promises of God. The darker this world gets, the brighter God's light will shine.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

151112 Veteran's Day

It may be a day late, but I didn't see this until today:

151112 Blogging My Heart

This morning, I read this article about blogging. It got me thinking again about this blog and how to promote it for fun and profit. I have two passions, and they are health and God's Word. I do write a lot about both. Maybe, someone would be interested in one or both. How do I advertise this?

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

151103 Letter to the Texas Homeschool Coalition

There have been some stories trying to discredit freedom. Here is what THSC says, and my response:

Thank-you for all you do for homeschooling families. I do not have money to donate, but do pray for you continually. My journey began in March of 2002, and my last child will graduate homeschool high school in the spring of 2016 as her sister graduates college. THSC has helped me many times, especially during the arrest of and divorce from my ex-husband. That could have been a sticky situation. No one attempted a lawsuit, but almost everyone I knew wanted me to quit homeschooling. Family was quite vocal about it. Instead of resorting to public school, I was able to graduate the 16-year-old and get her into college with advice from THSC. When she took the Accuplacer, she was weak in math. It is telling that colleges have so many remedial classes for public school graduates who didn't learn math in high school. My daughter's language skills excelled beyond the typical public school student. She had no trouble adjusting to college. At 18, she took control over all of her education and will graduate debt-free. The younger child was twelve, but responsible enough to follow my directions. Now at 17, she is pursuing a different kind of education. She has decided to learn a trade. I provided oversight and advice after work, and both of my children have had the maturity to take responsibility for their own lives. Homeschooling helped teach them that.

151103 Time Sink