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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

151103 Letter to the Texas Homeschool Coalition

There have been some stories trying to discredit freedom. Here is what THSC says, and my response:

Thank-you for all you do for homeschooling families. I do not have money to donate, but do pray for you continually. My journey began in March of 2002, and my last child will graduate homeschool high school in the spring of 2016 as her sister graduates college. THSC has helped me many times, especially during the arrest of and divorce from my ex-husband. That could have been a sticky situation. No one attempted a lawsuit, but almost everyone I knew wanted me to quit homeschooling. Family was quite vocal about it. Instead of resorting to public school, I was able to graduate the 16-year-old and get her into college with advice from THSC. When she took the Accuplacer, she was weak in math. It is telling that colleges have so many remedial classes for public school graduates who didn't learn math in high school. My daughter's language skills excelled beyond the typical public school student. She had no trouble adjusting to college. At 18, she took control over all of her education and will graduate debt-free. The younger child was twelve, but responsible enough to follow my directions. Now at 17, she is pursuing a different kind of education. She has decided to learn a trade. I provided oversight and advice after work, and both of my children have had the maturity to take responsibility for their own lives. Homeschooling helped teach them that.

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  1. That is a good reply. And also, you did/do a great job with your two great girls ^_^