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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

151117 Foot Freedoms

My foot has reached a milestone of freedom. Starting today, it can be out of The Boot for short periods of time. Also, I can walk more with The Boot. I don't like the way the foot looks. It reminds me of when Brownhead broke her foot.

About a decade ago, we had a juvenile goat that got her foot stuck in between some metal panels. Before we could get to her, she broke her leg just above the hoof, and clearly she was in pain. I called the vet, but he wanted $600 to fix it. The goat was only worth about $40, so we left her with the herd. We thought coyote-dogs would get her, because she was crippled. Instead, the donkey protected her. The foot healed at an angle, and she learned how to run with a bent leg. After a few years, the billy made his way to our freezer, and she took over leading the herd. That hoof had grown to cover the place where the original break was. The result was an extra wide hoof on one of her back legs and a funny, lop-sided run.

The accident last month crushed the joints between the metatarsals and the flanges of the three middle toes of my right foot. When I removed The Boot last night, I saw that those toes have been displaced and now slant to the right, and there is a dimple at the base of the second toe. The toes don't move at all. I refuse to have surgery. If I can walk, it will be OK. I never was one for running. The doctor said that I could ride an exercise bike, and I tested that. It will be OK.

Now, I can believe God to overcome this disablement. My knees finally healed, so this foot will be my next project. I know from Brownhead's example that just because it doesn't look pretty doesn't mean it can't work anyway. It may mean that I have to wear shoes all the time, but I already have to do that because of fallen arches and plantar fasciitis. Of course, I'll continue to treat the foot with oils and take my calcium supplements.

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  1. I am so sorry you broke your foot ((hugs)) You don't need extra pain