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Sunday, May 29, 2011

110529 Fast

Yes, I tend to act quickly in many areas of my life, with few regrets. At first, I wondered who this guy was who answered my post about Leos. He looked like some lost old hippy. Then I noticed that many of his answers on the website matched mine. We typed and exchanged yahoo addresses. Hmm. Soon, we exchanged phone numbers. His voice resounds with music and laughter. That matters. Each time we talk, it is the chatter of old friends, and we add more depth to our common interests and opinions. How can we mesh so well without having spent time together?

I have known him only about a week, but it feels like half a lifetime. He is a Texas resident caught on the other side of the flooded Mississippi. He expects to be here in about a week. We have decided that if that meeting goes well, it will be time to talk of the long term.

I said I was fast.

Friday, May 27, 2011



Another asshole has come and gone. He wasn’t married, but he had been living with a girlfriend for 2 years. She found his phone, and called me because I had sent him a text message. I thought I was teaching the Word to the guy, but he turned out to be after something else. Apparently, he had a string of females who sent him feel good messages and even pictures. No wonder so many women cry that men are pigs!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

110515 Smoking

Here is a response I put on a friend's post:

It had already started with public buildings, then proceeded into private areas. It's the continuation of a trend towards universal control. I am allergic to the point of ER visits, but I view this as a disturbing trend into the rights of others. Even when smoking was prevalent, (or even cool), there were places those of us who didn't could go. If an establishment failed to provide a non-smoking area, I just didn't go there. I voted with my feet. This trend to legislate our health has more than a few disturbing ramifications, and we need to fight it tooth and nail if we want to retain our right to make choices!

This question seems to be about the health hazards of smoking, but it is not! It's about our right to choose! Once they eliminate smoking through legislation, they will attack alcohol without regard to what people value. ( Verses ) I wish that smoking tobacco had never been discovered, but it was, and people have a right to choose. Friends who smoke don't do so around me. That makes them friends. If they quit, I would rejoice. If they don't, however, they are still friends!

After alcohol and tobacco are gone, then go the firearms. Firearms have been under attack for decades, because only free people can have them. All of the Old Testament is for our learning, (Romans 15:4). What was all over the OT? Physical battles where weapons were used! Is the world suddenly safe? Are we protected all the time? I'm not giving up MY gun, thank-you!

What about food? Food is dangerous, they say. The Center for Science in the Public Interest uses only that data which supports their claims. For that finite group of people they want to force the rest of us to give up the foods we like and eat the foods they think will make us healthy. Not everyone can eat the same foods. For instance, I cannot consume anything with cow's milk in it, which includes most processed foods, cheese, milk, ice cream, whey, cassain, cream, etc. Some of those things they don't like, but I can't have the things they do! I'm allergic to gluten, so that eliminates most of the rest of processed foods, as well as most grains, which of the rest of the non-animal sources of protein. Between allergies and intolerances, I'm left with a few fruits, most vegetables, and meat. I cringe every time the CSPI makes an announcement, because they are trying to take away another of my choices, like Carl's Jr.

Where will it end? Regulations on business kill jobs. Regulations on products cause shortages. People don't know how to vote with their feet anymore! They want some bigger bully to beat up who and what they perceive as their bully. Yes, government can take care of us, but they will do it by taking our prosperity and making us subjects and slaves! No thank-you! That's what happened to the children of Israel in Egypt. They let Joseph rescue them, but then they didn't pay back the debt! After a generation of living the good life in Egypt, they became slaves! The pattern is there for us to see; think! Don't give over your right to choose just because you don't like the choices of another! There is always another way. We need to repel laws, not make more of them.

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Friday, May 13, 2011


Moon had an accident yesterday. No one was hurt. Some bumpers were scratched. Sigh. She is pretty upset. We didn't need more drama, but in the larger scheme of things, it's minor.

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Not feeling so great. Sad and frustrated. My dad wants me to hire a lawyer to figure it out the house sale and the mess between the county and the state. I don't know what to do. It just seems like an impossible tangle. I'm glad I decided to sell, because if I were under the pressure of time and necessity, I'd really be hysterical about it. We do have a time limit, but God can deal with it. The buyers are getting married today, and his loan qualification ends on the 18th. It would be best if we can resolve this before then.

Rudy, bless his heart, wants to be my big brother. (We nixed any hint of romance, because we make better friends.) I think he would consider harming some of the guys I've met lately. He tells me that I am beautiful, and should have no problem finding guys. So why do I?

1. Married guys on the prowl stink. I've drop kicked two of those.
2. Some guys just want a piece of ass.
3. Some guys just want money.
4. If a guy is over 45 and never married, there is a dang good reason for it!

Life sucks right now.