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Sunday, May 19, 2013

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After much thought and a little sadness, I quit following certain people and pages. Last week, a certain teaching added the last bit of grain that tipped the balance. The teaching was on a small section of scripture in the Old Testament, concerning four Judeans in Babylon. Three of them are always mentioned together: Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah. They must have been best buds in the sense that iron sharpeneth iron. Most Christians refer to them as Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.

These were real people. Real people who decided that obeying God was preferable to anything. They did not compromise, or make excuses. They decided that God would take care of them. They didn’t concentrate on their feelings. They didn’t concentrate on their believing. They concentrated on God.

The men who threw them into the fire, were killed by the fire, but these young men did not have even the scent of smoke on their clothes when they walked out of this furnace. In those days, and in that place, Babylon had the peak of technology and civilization under their control. This was a massive smelter. Nebuchadnezzar controlled incredible political power. Were they not afraid? No matter what they felt, they knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that their God was stronger than any government on earth.

This is why I decided that I must no longer read certain political blogs. They depress me and pull me away from the joy found in God’s Word. Knowing what goes on around me may be necessary, and I’ll find a news outlet, but reading about the horrible things people think and do has no place in my life. 1 Timothy 2:1,2 shall blend with Romans 8:26. I shall concentrate on the power of God and blessing people with it, and let politicians worry about the “he said; she said” debates. God will take care of His own.

Essential Oils: Partial Finger Amputation Regenerated In 21 Days!

Essential Oils: Partial Finger Amputation Regenerated In 21 Days!

She prayed, then acted.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

130507 Joy is an Inside Job - Prosperity

Sometimes, we have the wrong expectations. This is cultural. Joy is an inside job; it depends on the Word in our hearts. It doesn't change the circumstances, but it does change what the circumstances do to us. When my children were younger, periodically I would have them write a list of things for which to give thanks. This may sound flippant, but the elder once wrote that she was thankful for air. She was serious. She explained that without air we couldn't breathe, and if we couldn't breathe, we would die, so she decided to thank God for air. It is too easy to dwell on what we don't have and ignore what we do.

Whenever I feel that my finances are not where they should be, I give more. When no money comes in, I give away stuff I'm not using. Sometimes, I consider whether I really need stuff I do use, especially if it costs money to maintain. My Branch Coordinator once asked me how we even paid our bills with our limited income. I simply determined not to have any bills.

I may have attended every Word in Business and Profession Conference there ever was. I know I was at the first and the last. At one of them, a presenter said to a group, "You already make enough money, lower your expenses." I really took that to heart. What I cut would not do for everyone, and what I kept others might cut. A State Coordinator once told me that if one really needs a Lexis, God will provide it. Few, however, really need that Lexis.

We have no TV reception, no cable, no satellite. No packaged dinners, no microwave oven, no home phone, no eating out, no new clothes. If it costs money, we analyze everything about it. We do have a home, two cars, and plenty of food. Often, when we need something, someone else gives it to us. After the divorce in early 2011, my two girls were denied food stamps on a technicality. We had been getting them while married, because his income was so low.

"Fine", I told myself. I had already managed to pay all his debt, and noticed how much freer we felt. I realized that we could live without him and without government help. We depend on God, now.
It hasn't been easy, and I'm still looking for steady employment. An idea I have is to teach other people how to live on less by teaching old fashioned Home Economics classes. We have a large homeschool community, so that would be an ideal place for me to start.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

130502 The Essential Oil Debates

One day, years past, I lost my inhaler. A friend jumped to the rescue with Peppermint Oil, which lead me to became a distributor of Young Living Oils.

Last year, another of the distributors I know told me that she had lost most of her downline to do-Terra, a new company formed by people who had left Young Living. I knew nothing about them, and didn't investigate. I have been quite happy with YL, and had seen some wonderful results concerning ligaments, asthma, and chronic bronchitis. Then their cancer research amazed me, and I rubbed shoulders with some of the people in those amazing stories.

This last week, a lot of information seems to have been dumped into my lap, because I wasn't looking for it. One must use God's filter to judge the unknowable. What truth lies behind the gossip is often unknowable except by God. There seems to have been a lot of emotion involved with the do-Terra split. Emotion, passion, and self-righteous indignation are no guarantee for truth. In fact, they muddy the truth by skipping past logic. We have to rely on God for Truth.

One cannot build up oneself by tearing down others. (In contrast, pointing out what the Word says cleans the wound so that healing can progress. This is often called "constructive criticism".) I am convinced that essential oils, properly prepared and used, are medicines as God intended them to be. I am assured that YL prepares their oils properly. This woman’s blog seems calm and reasonable:

Essential Survival

Here are some more:

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I am sure that the debate will continue, but I am also assured that therapeutic grade essential oils heal. This whole debate seems just like politics. I hate politicking. I prefer results. I pray for healing and especially that essential oils continue to be available to me and my friends.