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Thursday, May 2, 2013

130502 The Essential Oil Debates

One day, years past, I lost my inhaler. A friend jumped to the rescue with Peppermint Oil, which lead me to became a distributor of Young Living Oils.

Last year, another of the distributors I know told me that she had lost most of her downline to do-Terra, a new company formed by people who had left Young Living. I knew nothing about them, and didn't investigate. I have been quite happy with YL, and had seen some wonderful results concerning ligaments, asthma, and chronic bronchitis. Then their cancer research amazed me, and I rubbed shoulders with some of the people in those amazing stories.

This last week, a lot of information seems to have been dumped into my lap, because I wasn't looking for it. One must use God's filter to judge the unknowable. What truth lies behind the gossip is often unknowable except by God. There seems to have been a lot of emotion involved with the do-Terra split. Emotion, passion, and self-righteous indignation are no guarantee for truth. In fact, they muddy the truth by skipping past logic. We have to rely on God for Truth.

One cannot build up oneself by tearing down others. (In contrast, pointing out what the Word says cleans the wound so that healing can progress. This is often called "constructive criticism".) I am convinced that essential oils, properly prepared and used, are medicines as God intended them to be. I am assured that YL prepares their oils properly. This woman’s blog seems calm and reasonable:

Essential Survival

Here are some more:

whole new mom
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Dr. Lin Frankincense interview (YouTube)
Frankincense Kills Bladder Cancer Cells

I am sure that the debate will continue, but I am also assured that therapeutic grade essential oils heal. This whole debate seems just like politics. I hate politicking. I prefer results. I pray for healing and especially that essential oils continue to be available to me and my friends.

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