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Friday, August 29, 2014

140829 Avoiding Work

Yep. That's what I do. Yesterday, we all felt pretty bad. We didn't 'feel well'. Physically, we seemed to be fine, but mentally nothing was right. Moon decided to sleep it off and then go to band practice. (She's performing tonight.) Agent and I just sat around and growled.

Meanwhile, my sister and her husband, in KS and NE respectively were having bad days, too. Spiritual matters tend to ignore physical distance.

We're better, now. I have to work on this praying thing. Prayer yields results. Specific prayer yields specific results. Also, I have a list of household chores and jobs to attack.

  1. Winter Planting
  2. Hammock Hanging
  3. Vegetation Pruning
  4. Wedding Catering
  5. Item Crafting (for upcoming sales)
  6. Junk Culling
  7. Business Planning

So, what am I doing online? Hmm?

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

140827 EEEEK!

Snakes don't bother me. Many of them consume those disgusting creatures known as mice. Spiders don't bother me. They suck the life out of hated flies.

This morning, there was a cockroach in my bathroom. I thought it was dead, so I took a small piece of discarded cardboard to scoop it into the trash can.

OMG! It moved!!!!

I squeaked, and preceded to use a large blunt object to pummel the already dying creature. Then, I swept the tiny pieces of its scattered remains onto the cardboard, and flushed it down the toilet.

Since spraying Thieves (R) and Peppermint around the house a couple of weeks ago, I have found many roach corpses. Since that one wasn't QUITE dead, I sprayed again. maybe I'll spray weekly, just to be sure.

Thieves (R) Spray

1/2 cap of Thieves (R) Household Cleaner
1 Quart or liter of water
1 liter spray bottle

To kill most insects and repel mice, also add 10 drops of Peppermint.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

140803 Crash!

For unknown reasons, my website crashed. I have to wait until tomorrow to call and ask about it. :(

Meanwhile, I'm working on a recipe for kidney health.

Friday, August 1, 2014

140801 August Newsletter

Welcome to my first official newsletter on essential oils!

At this point, it is bare bones, but should get better! Some of you know of the health improvements I have made in my own life. Most are listed in other posts in this blog. Basically, if we all ate 'real' food in proper proportions, drank water instead of chemicals, and exercised our bodies, then our need for chemical medication would greatly diminish. If you want me to handle a particular topic, please leave a comment.

I'm going to start with a testimonial that was sent to me:

Essential Oils: Traumatic Brain Injury After Sleeping At The Wheel

Here are some major events planned for San Antonio:

San Antonio area folks - registration is now live for both Friday nights Skin Care Experience and Saturdays business and wellness seminar.

Oct 17, 2014  Friday evening  6:45 - 9pm
Orchid Skin Brilliance Class Taught by Sharon Raybern, Young Living Gold, Skin Care enthusiast.
Embassy Suites Hotel, 7750 Briaridge, San Antonio, Texas, 78230 
Experience the wonderful world of YL essential oil infused skin care. For all the details and the products you will get to experience, your goodie bag and more - go to the registration link:

Oct 18 2014 Saturday  YL Super Saturday with Debra Raybern, YL Royal Crown Diamond, ND, MH, CNC, ICA, Author Gentle Babies
Embassy Suites Hotel, 7750 Briaridge, San Antonio, Texas, 78230 
9am-11:30pm Sharing the Young Living lifestyle. 
Lunch is on your own.
1:00-4PM What’s at the root of your health concerns? Emotions, hormonal balance, genetics, cleansing and detoxing, heavy metals? Three steps to gaining the victory over health issues and enjoying optimum wellness.
On Saturday, attend one or both sessions for the low price of $15.00 (includes both sessions, no discount for attending just one)

Be Blessed!