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Friday, August 29, 2014

140829 Avoiding Work

Yep. That's what I do. Yesterday, we all felt pretty bad. We didn't 'feel well'. Physically, we seemed to be fine, but mentally nothing was right. Moon decided to sleep it off and then go to band practice. (She's performing tonight.) Agent and I just sat around and growled.

Meanwhile, my sister and her husband, in KS and NE respectively were having bad days, too. Spiritual matters tend to ignore physical distance.

We're better, now. I have to work on this praying thing. Prayer yields results. Specific prayer yields specific results. Also, I have a list of household chores and jobs to attack.

  1. Winter Planting
  2. Hammock Hanging
  3. Vegetation Pruning
  4. Wedding Catering
  5. Item Crafting (for upcoming sales)
  6. Junk Culling
  7. Business Planning

So, what am I doing online? Hmm?

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