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Sunday, May 29, 2011

110529 Fast

Yes, I tend to act quickly in many areas of my life, with few regrets. At first, I wondered who this guy was who answered my post about Leos. He looked like some lost old hippy. Then I noticed that many of his answers on the website matched mine. We typed and exchanged yahoo addresses. Hmm. Soon, we exchanged phone numbers. His voice resounds with music and laughter. That matters. Each time we talk, it is the chatter of old friends, and we add more depth to our common interests and opinions. How can we mesh so well without having spent time together?

I have known him only about a week, but it feels like half a lifetime. He is a Texas resident caught on the other side of the flooded Mississippi. He expects to be here in about a week. We have decided that if that meeting goes well, it will be time to talk of the long term.

I said I was fast.


  1. Exciting news =) I noticed the status on fb. How are things working out for you two. Can you tell more about him?

    Wishing you the best and hoping for a solid good relationship

  2. He is 58 years old, semi-retired, and lives in a travel trailer. This is quite popular with those who do not need to work. His home address in here in Texas, but he is stuck across the Mississippi, because the river has flooded.

    I met him on a social site where people post their preferences and opinions, and we matched. Every night we talk. I don´t have a picture of him, yet. He plans to get here on Monday.

    I never would have picked him out of a line-up. Picking him by personality traits, however, was easy. He believes many of the same things I do.