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Monday, November 16, 2015

151116 Nothing New to Say

Usually, when current events inflame the masses, I want to add to it. Instead, while I'm having a hefty dose of "I told you so..." and it seems rather inappropriate just now.

Instead, let me tell you about the oils I'm taking. Young Living had been having some trouble harvesting enough of a certain oil to make their blend, Peace and Calming. It has returned to their supply, but some of us keening missed it. I found others that makes everything better: Grounding and Common Sense. Both have ingredients that are good for high blood pressure, but Common Sense is very good for diabetics!

In case you didn't know, some diabetics live in a precarious hormonal soup. When the blood glucose levels go too high, we can feel euphoric as our bodies eat the protein of our insides instead of the vast amounts of sugar flowing through our veins. When blood glucose drops too low, I personally become testy, paranoid, panicked, and have a migraine-like headache. Either extreme causes me to start writing nasty opinion pieces that attack anyone who disagrees with me.

Since I started sniffing Grounding and Common Sense, blood glucose has been closer to normal and emotional swings have been absent. They even brought me back from a doughnut. I'm liking these oils.

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