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Friday, November 20, 2015

151120 What Helps With Winter Illness?

Jewish penicillin helps, and I force it onto my children. Another thing that really works are Young Living (R) essential oils. In 1976, I caught my first case of bronchitis in my first year of college. It was horrible and I received penicillin for it. Every year thereafter, I caught a case of bronchitis, and doctors treated it with antibiotics. Antibiotics give me the runs. By 2005, I was getting bronchitis twice a year. Sometimes, it escalated into walking pneumonia. Antibiotics were no longer eliminating the disease after the normal course of ten days to two weeks. The side effects became worse. I also developed a continual case of asthma. I suffered from the side effects of the drugs, but ignoring the disease made it last for months instead of weeks, and it still took a two week dose of ever stronger antibiotics with their side effects to stop the horrible chest infection.

In 2009, I became involved with essential oils. I was at work, but had accidentally left my inhaler at home. A friend shoved a bottle of peppermint essential oil at me, so I used it like an inhaler. It worked as well. I could breathe again. I used it once more that day. She told me to keep the bottle. Six months later, I threw away my inhaler, because I no longer needed it. I've had all of one attack since 2009; peppermint quickly took care of it.

The next time bronchitis hit, I used a variety of oils on my feet, covered them with socks, and went to bed with socks in place. I did this every night for two weeks as if it were the old prescription of antibiotics. Bronchitis came only once that year. The following year, bronchitis hit again, but instead of two weeks, it lasted only one. For the winter of 2014, it didn't come at all. I have not had so much as a cold since then. Respiratory allergies do not plague me anymore. I confirm this by regularly checking my vitals. It's wonderful to be well.

When I broke my foot last month, pain stopped with the application of essential oils. I use a "Bone Blend" to speed healing. My diabetes has been under control without chemical medication. I pursue a low carbohydrate diet, perform regular exercise, and apply essential oils. Learn more at www.youngliving.org/mynesdojomom and oil-testimonials.com/1217697.

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