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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

140916 My Voice Came Back

On Monday, September 8, a friend left a message on my phone to call her. We connected on Tuesday. She asked me to sing at her wedding. Cool! Once before, I sang at a wedding, and I have sung with various amateur choirs before dozens, even hundreds of people. It was an honor to be asked.

Usually, I get significant notice before public singing. This wedding was on Saturday, September 13.

She needed my help and loved my voice, so we agreed on a song I already knew, and I practiced it. Friday night was rehearsal, but the song didn't fit. About 10pm, the minister called with a replacement song. He also informed me that I had to be my own accompaniment. Never before had I successfully sung and played the piano at the same time, and I had sixteen short hours to learn! To add to the stress, both of my girls had respiratory ailments. A scratch had invaded my throat.

This was truly an exercise in believing! Nothing can be accomplished without at least a kernel of belief. God strengthened me and helped me to rise above my fear.

Getting to the hall early, I familiarized myself with the electric piano. I worked out the cords for the left hand, since the music available to me was written for singing and had only the melody. I rested my voice by practicing sotto voice instead of from the diaphragm. When I felt confident enough, I found someone to minister healing to me for that irritated throat.

My throat ceased its clamoring. I was determined to bless my friends!

The time appointed arrived. With a mixture of friends and strangers before me, my heart played. 

"There's a peace in heart that the World never gave! A peace it cannot take away..."

Several people told me it was beautiful. God made it beautiful. He blessed me mightily.

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