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Thursday, February 9, 2012

120209 Quick to Judge

Quick to Judge

People like to judge what other people do. On the surface of this video, one sees a child crying. Children cry when they are disappointed or challenged. It reminded me of the video of the child who had been to the dentist. Everyone has an opinion, and some of them become quite violent with their words. People condemn without knowing the facts. In this case, I don't know the facts, but I do know that when Moon was about 14 months old, she had a mysterious fever that stumped her doctor. It was winter in a place where it snowed. Because she had no other symptoms, he told me to try running her in the snow with only a diaper. Her fever broke; she became happy, and we never did find out why her body couldn't regulate itself at that time. The run in the cold helped. That didn't stop some busy-bodies from condemning me.

People who know Moon today tell me that she is exceptional. I did a lot of things that many people assured me would ruin her life. I didn't do some things whose lack people told me would ruin her life. People still try to tell me what to do with her and her younger sister. Certain people are convinced that my choices are all wrong. One or two have even tried to coerce others into stopping me from homeschooling and other things. One threatened me with CPS because I use alternative medicine. "The Village" can butt out of our lives! I love my children and raise them according to God's Word. In less than a week, Moon legally becomes an adult. She makes her own decisions, though this mom still tries to advise her about what to do. Agent Em has learned to be more skeptical and more critical of what others try to tell her to do as I am.

The people who want to control us say that 'discipline' is a bad word, yet it is the basis of the word 'disciple'. It takes a great deal of discipline to become a martial artist. To become a champion for God takes no less. The village thinks that the children should lead. When children lead, there is confusion and selfishness. They lack the experience, and the wisdom that can come from experience, to judge properly what their actions will produce. They need a guide. Civilization didn't just spring into being. We were taught civilized behaviors. What most people call civilization is merely the thin veneer of accepted reactions that most people use to hide their true feelings.

The veneer is cracking. History cycles. We shall see the wheel turn soon.

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