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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

120523 Scary Stuff

This kind of stuff disturbs me! Before my parents moved us to KCTX, I lived in a racially charged area where I was THE ONLY blond child in the entire school. The president sets the emotional tone for the country, and since 2008, I have been having flashbacks!
Walter Williams

My parents moved to KCTX when I was 12, and life improved greatly. Where we lived before that had race problems, with demonstrations and violence. My sister and I were hit weekly, and threatened daily. When I tried to tell adults that it wasn't my fault, they either called me a troublemaker or told me to stand up for myself. How could an Anglo be without power in the face of all these underpriviledged minorities? In fifth and sixth grades, I walked six blocks out of my way to avoid going near a certain group of boys.

Whenever the president speaks about race, or whenever I read about someone blaming whites (or Asians) for all the other minorities ills, I want to scream that it is NOT one-sided. Can't they see the evidence? Why don't they acknowledge the facts? Why is race mentioned ONLY when a 'white' person does the crime? 

I do not judge by skin tone, because people of all shades have hurt me. With a race-baiting president, however, and his enablers in the media, I trust only my closest friends.

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