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Monday, June 25, 2012

120625 Back

I was gone for two weeks. I did not post the actual physical departure, because it was not necessary for the world to know that my teens were home alone. The 18yo had her job, and the 14yo had a mature guardian, but the entire Internet community didn't need to know that Mom had left the building. Mom has returned.

For two weeks, I have been taking a class known as The Advanced Class on the Way of Abundance and Power. It was the final portion of a three part series that took years to complete. Jesus Christ said that he was the way, the truth, and the life, and that no one came to the Father, but by him. Kind of puts a kink in the 'many roads' interpretation of salvation. Well, believe what you will. We'll all find out in the end.

What I really like about this class series is how one is shown principles from God's Word. We have power. We don't have to be doormats. We can be confident, polite, loving, and most of all: completely sure of what God says. God gave us power, more power than most Christians will admit. Evil trembles as the one who believes approaches. Who can be stronger than the True God?

The first night, a man from Togo, in Africa, ministered healing to my knee. I no longer walk with a cane. This wasn't one of the showy fake healings that one can see on TV. No. After the first teaching, which was on the subject of the accuracy of the Word, he asked me in private why I used a cane. Then, he prayed and asked God to fulfill His promise of healing for me.

I was ready. The pain completely disappeared. The swelling left. The muscles and ligaments worked again. Many were blessed. There were many more stories of deliverance. The most impressive to me were the sad people who learned to smile. Two girls in particular came looking like waifs, and left as confident women. One claimed a physical healing, but did not elaborate


I don't care who believes me, (that's between you and God), but I know that signs, wonders, and miracles followed us. My life has moved up a notch.

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