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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

130813 Back Online

None of these labels have been used before. How about that.

On August 4th, I went to the grocery store, and when I tried to leave, a huge SUV backed into my car and hit the only non-vital section. I didn't even need to fix it, but did want to know if it would hurt the drivability of it. Turns out, the main cost will be the paint job. Today, August 13, his insurance finally made a determination and will pay for the repairs. God is good and I am thankful.

As some know, my Internet inconveniently quit working at the same time my car was hit. The computer wasn't even there! I fussed with it for a week, then took the machine and the air card to the T-Mobile store to see if they could do something. They did what I had been trying, and it worked the first time. Typical. The problem, however, is that my computer erased my old sign in account, and took the rights to all my files with it. I cannot access my documents. A friend may be able to help later today. The Ask.com, Google Answers, and the Microsoft forms could not.

Finally, rabbits. We have baby bunnies, and they are cute. Baby bunnies, however, grow up to be adult rabbits. When we bought these things as babies, we though we were getting two females. Moon named hers Sylph, and I named mine Dynamite. A sylph is a mythological female being. Sylph looked odd to me. She was quite large. That rabbit was also highly aggressive, and picked on Boy Bunny, who was rather small.. One day, I thought I saw something bad under her hind legs, so I flipped her over. Oops. A name change, and separation were in order.

Everything made sense to me. Size, aggression, and the shape of the head match match the look and behavior of males. He was also trying to kill the smaller male. I broke the news to Moon, and told her that we had renamed her rabbit.

"Destroyer of Worlds?" she asked.
"No, but that's better that what we called him."
"What did you call him?"
"Meany Butt."

So, Destroyer of Worlds needs a new home. He is a 'people bunny', which means that he plays well with humans, but can't be trusted with other rabbits. He likes to run, but waits patiently in his cage. Timothy Hay and pellets are his standard fare, but he loves the occasional carrot or stalk of celery. My pictures are always fuzzy and incoherent, but he is a good-looking lop with thick white fur, grey ears, and a grey mustashe.

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  1. I'm glad your car is okay and that your computer is fixed and you're back online =) Welcome back!

    My three oldest nieces thought the same as you guys. They ended up with a small rabbit farm. It was so fun teasing my older sister about it =D