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Sunday, March 2, 2014

140203 Happy Independence Day?

Well, yeah! On this day in 1836, a group of volatile Texians declared independence from Mexico. Most people don't know that some of those people were tejanos. It wasn't just an Anglo thing, but Anglos do have a bit of fire when it comes to independence. Modern historians with an agenda claim that the fight was started by Anglos to promote slavery. Actually, it was against what they perceived as their own slavery to Antonio de Padua María Severino López de Santa Anna y Pérez de Lebrón. Even the Mexicans in the area were a bit perturbed with Santa Anna. He mistreated everyone north of the Rio Grande.

The writings of the time indicate that most of the Texians wanted to keep their own method of worship. Taxes figured into this, too. Santa Anna decided that everyone had to be Catholic and support the Pope in Rome. This didn't set well with the growing Protestant population. He also demanded that everyone support his lifestyle as "The Neopolian of the New World". The people of El Norte questioned this.

Texans love their history. We see ourselves as unique, special, feisty. Local elections happen on Tuesday, March 4th, and the airwaves are full of ads. I've lived all over the country, and this is one of only two places where candidates claim linage by state:

"I am a fifth-generation Texan..."
"I've lived in San Antonio all my life!"
"I was born in Larado, so I know..."
"My [ancestor] fought for Texas independence."
"I will put Texas first, and Washington second!"

Here, it's all about Texas. We merely lend ourselves to the rest of the country. I'm praying that the unemployed Californians moving here to find work adopt our ways, and leave their freedom destroying ideas at the border. Our ways are why we have work and they don't. California and the West Coast have plenty of oil, but their governments do not allow them to drill. Our government has allowed freedom. Nationwide, real unemployment is in double digits, but down here jobs go unfilled for lack of skilled personnel. One may trace the economic divide by the political policies in place. Sad. Very sad.

Well, to be happy and cheerful, let me post my favorite version of the Alamo. It is accurate as the Texan director could make it. Texans stared in it; Texans were used as extras, and it was filmed in Texas. It's not perfect, but it's about as close as it gets to the heart of a Texan.

The Alamo

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