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Sunday, June 15, 2014

140615 Not Feeling So Good

Perception means a lot to some people. For instance, I took a short trip. For some, that could mean travel time of under a day. This trip took twelve hours one way. I stayed for two nights and drove six hundred miles home. It was fun, and had a purpose or three.

One result I neither planned nor anticipated was that I stopped taking my daily oils! I just forgot to take them with me, and then didn't restart when I came home. All week I have been down in the dumps and tired! Obviously, these oils have been healing me for the last three or four years, because I can document my lack of certain illnesses, the lack of pain in my joints, the lack of pain in my extremities, and the greater range of movement.

So, I stopped taking the daily oils, and I feel tired. My brain feels sluggish. Some people poke at me and suggest a change in attitude. "Use the Renewed Mind of Romans 12," they say. Yes, I will. I will use my renewed mind power to go back to the healing program for my body! Mind, body, and spirit are intricately mixed. I'm using all three to heal my body.

Oils I use:
Christmas Spirit

I also take a dose or two of NingXia Red every day.

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