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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

169398 Dealing With A Teen

Let's just say, nothing happens in a vacuum, and options were considered. My daughter is moving to VA for a few months. Gas prices are down, but Bus/Train/Plane prices are up for Spring Break! It looks to be much less expensive to drive there and back than to send her one-way alone on the least expensive public transportation. My elder daughter wants to go with us. That's good, because I did not look forward to driving back alone. I'm planning my meals now, which will entail bringing my own butter and coconut oil to add to hot water while driving. Also, I have some dehydrated, organic foods that will fit the diet. My SIL is on the Bulletproof, so while there, eating will be no problem. My girls have their own money, and can buy their own food when I stop for gasoline and hot water. When driving like this, I do well with Polyphasic sleep. I fall into what this article calls the "Everyman Cycle". I sleep for two to four hours, then take several short naps as needed. It keeps me alert while driving, and I don't have to down mass quantities of coffee. On this schedule, I can drive those four days without drinking any coffee at all! Every time I've tried the Uberman version, I just revert to the Everyman. In fact, the Everyman cycle was called "Insomnia" by my doctor, but as long as I can get the naps, I feel fine and healthy! Before I go, I'm going to start some more celery in the camper. When I get back, I should be able to plant it in pots to leave outside.

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