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Saturday, January 14, 2017

160127 Pro-Choice and Pro-Life

I taught my children the Word of God, and that they should think for themselves. Although it was a surprise, it was perfectly in character for my daughter to slap a Gary Johnson sticker on the back of her car in 2012. Since Gary announced his candidacy recently, I expect to see another one on her second car. If my younger daughter had a car, she'd probably put something like, "When you speak, I always hear 'Punch me in the face,' but it's usually subtext." She's wordy like that, and hates politics.

Why do some people assume that because Person A supports Option A, that it automatically puts Person A into Catagory C? All my life, this kind of muddled thinking has frustrated me. Since the 1980s, which was the last time any idiot shot an abortionist, someone has tried to tell me how stupid I was to support the Pro-Life cause. The person(s) telling me this just assumed that I was going to go out and shoot an abortion doctor because I happen to confess Jesus as Lord in my life.

  • First of all, labels are lazy shortcuts that let people get angry without thinking.
  • Second, every person has to determine in his or her own heart and mind whether to believe anything. Smart people avoid blanket statements.
  • Third, very few people, even among Christians, actually know what the Bible says about most subjects. Even if they can quote something, most forsake context and the most basic principles of research.
  • Fourth, it behooves the Christian to study and to follow those who have worked even more diligently to unlock what God said. God did not give His Word in English, so we each need to learn Aramaic and study Classical Greek to find out what God really said.

Abortion is a complicated subject, but the loudest people reduce it to slogans and support politicians who agree with the slogans. Slogans circumvent thinking. That's why I hate labels. Forget labels and think about the words themselves. Everyone should be pro-life, because we all have a right to live. We should all be pro-choice, even if the choices of others disagree with the choices we ourselves would make. (For instance, while I agree with many Libertarian ideals, I will not be voting for Gary Johnson.)

Just because I am pro-life does not mean that I disagree with the death penalty, as more than one commenter has touted. Some people have proven their inability to judge between right and wrong. The Bible trumpets forgiveness, but also supports the death penalty in certain cases. Just because I am pro-choice doesn't mean that I agree with getting an abortion. Abortion is heart-breaking, and the costs verses the benefits should be weighed very carefully. This is an individual decision, not a legislative one.

Do you know what a "spontanious abortion" is? It is, or it used to be, a medical term for a miscarriage. A spontanious abortion occurs when a woman's own body detects that a fetus is not viable. This happened to me four times. I wanted those children, but my body refused. The Bible says that children are blessings. Some people just don't want to be blessed. Those are their choices. They don't have to be blessed. We'll all be much happier if we just let people make their own choices and deal with their own consequences instead of trying to make 'moral' laws. Legislatively forcing morality may in itself be immoral. That also goes for the environmental issues that some view as moral, but that's another story.

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