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Thursday, June 23, 2011

110623 Depressing

All week, my feet have been swollen. Today it is particularly painful. Finally, we got some rain Tuesday night, and my daughter has the dreaded 80s Hair. Like my sister, she could have said, "Some people pay a lot of money to make their hair look like this!" It is not, however, the 80s, and she will spend a useless hour with the hair straightener. An hour after that, the curls will come back.

How can I get a job if I cannot stand? Two people told me to look into medical billing at home. I looked into it. I am not qualified, because I have to have a certain education and/or bonding. Bonding sounded expensive and complicated. A friend recommended that I do tech support for computer and other electronics. Fine, I took the company test and failed it by one point. Test giver said to take it again in a couple of days. The next time I took the test, I missed a lot more questions. I don't even know what to study. I'm too old, too educated, too ignorant, too much a relic of a time passed.

I have enough money from the house to live for awhile, but that will be gone and what will I have? I feel so useless. If I didn't have the girls, I would just die. Guess I'm not a fighter.

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