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Monday, June 27, 2011

110627 Car Accident.

Moon had a car accident while driving two friends to something. She was not going to tell anyone, but it was difficult to hide. The SUV she hit didn't seem to have any damage whatsoever, but the driver filed a claim with our insurance anyway. Our car may be undrivable. The hood will not go back into place, and the body has been pushed so that one of the back doors is crinkled. The steering did something really odd yesterday, and it makes extra loud road noise. To top it off, Moon resented it when I took her keys! She wants to know why she cannot drive. Two accidents in two months maybe? She will have to pay for her own insurance now, too. I will not be able afford to cover her with this kind of record.

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  1. Aii =( Sorry to hear. Moon needs to learn to focus on her driving and nothing else. Helene wasn't allowed to drive the car during weekdays. Runar didn't want to risk being without a car in the morning on workdays...she still resents that, but *shrugs* we only have one car and young inexperienced drivers are well...just that