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Thursday, September 29, 2011

110929 Repost from Right in Texas


Whenever I hear 'socialization', I think of socialism. When I was 16, I studied political systems on my own by haunting the library. I devoted more effort to my private study than to any project assigned by a teacher. At the end of my study, I discarded communism and socialism as essentially unworkable, because human nature is self-serving. In the thirty-eight years since then, no rhetoric, nor any events have come close to changing my mind about that conclusion. Indeed they have supported it. My knowledge of history and of the Word have strengthened my belief that socialism is the Devil's counterfeit of how God intended us to live in love. Socialism and communism suck the desire to give out of people's hearts.

My children are not 'socialized', but each has many friends and interacts well with her peers. :)

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