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Thursday, October 6, 2011

111006 Steve

He was born eight months before Bill Gates and three years before me. In the 1980s, my dad asked me why *I* couldn't have produced and developed exciting computer technologies and/or software such as they did. (...and you think YOUR parents put pressure on you!)

"Superior ability breeds superior ambition." I'll credit that quote at the end of this blog. ;)

When Apple started to become famous, a geeky nerd with poor social skills and questionable personal hygiene approached Jobs at a computer convention. Jobs blew him off, and that's why IBM runs off of Microsoft products. Jobs did a lot of things wrong, but often, that's how a person finds out how to do it correctly. At one time, he took illegal drugs. He made bad business decisions. He started a war within his own company. Through it all, he stayed famous and made a bunch of money. While there's nothing wrong with that, It's not necessarily a recommendation of good character.

I can't think of any product of his that I've used, unless you count  things that may be accessed online and converted for use with a PC. My first computer experience happened when I learned to use a mainframe from Digital Equipment Corporation, (DEC 10). My first microcomputer was a PC, not an Apple. Mac screens were too small for me. Business used IBM compatible machines, so I did, too. Those things developed by Steve Jobs may have added to the technology available in our society, but he was not alone. There were other microcomputers that other people were trying to develop. His simply worked sooner and better than the rest.

Don't believe that I hated Jobs. He simply was not part of my circle. I did like his Superbowl commercial of 1984. I'm sorry he died. It sounded like he was starting to learn something useful about life by facing death. Isn't that the way it goes?

*Khan Noonien Singh, Star Trek Episode, "Space Seed". 

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