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Saturday, October 8, 2011

111008 I Have a Friend

I have a friend (?) on Facebook who has taken exception to what I 'like' there. She has started sending me numerous links about 'evil' corporations. She has a husband and a family in a nice house with a couple of nice vehicles, a smart phone, and uses the average products of an average American family, many of which I do not have because I cannot afford them. Some of the evil corporation stuff is quite pointed about how they are not really people.

Last year, I endured (am enduring) a crisis that left me a single mom with no job. I am living off the what is left from the sale of my farm. Also, I own a little stock. This makes *me* part of the *evil* corporate structure she so despises in her naive repetition of what the propaganda machine spews.

Another of my friends has allowed me and my children a place to stay. Unfortunately, she's 'evil' too. Oil was found on her property. You guessed it. She has become a 'greedy' oil producer. You never hear about the people like us. Corporations and oil producers are supposed to be faceless fat cats out of touch with real people, not real people struggling harder than those protesters ever thought of doing.  :(

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