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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

121113-2 Gray Day

For South Texas, 40F(4C) is kind of cool. This should go up to 60F(15C) this afternoon. Add to that thick clouds and humidity, and I had to start the heater. The snake, who had been roaming freely, is back in his cage. We haven't seen any mice for months, so he did his job. I figured that the population was depleted and bought him two pet store mice. As soon as he saw them, they were gone. That confirmed his hunger. I'll get more next week, if I don't find the trap I want. The trap needs to preserve them alive. Like the Cat in Red Dwarf, he likes his food to MOOVE!

I've been feeling lazy and stiff. Holiday foods don't help, so this morning I had bacon and eggs, with cheese. All that protein will energize me. Not everyone should eat as much protein as I need, but my intestines simply cannot process grains and legumes. For lunch, I'll have tuna salad, or perhaps shrimp gumbo, since it's 'cold'.

My toes hurt when it's cold, and it's time to cook.


  1. I hope you're feeling better. I'm in that phase where I have to force myself to start on whatever chore/work is needed. When the cold and the rain set in with temps going from just below freezing to 50-ish F the fibro and the rheumatism make me stiff and achy.