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Monday, November 12, 2012

121112 Bee Sting?

Saturday, I had a yard sale. It was sunny and warm, so the bees and all their friends were out and about. I felt something crawling up my leg under my pants, to I swatted it. OUCH! It stung me! Immediately, I went inside the house and applied Purification, a blend of various essential oils. Then, I alternated with Thieves to kill infection, and Wintergreen to sooth the itch. The creature I killed was black, rather than yellow, but it was crushed beyond recognition.

My leg itches, and the red dot has turned into a large red patch. The sting was two days ago, and the climax of the reaction seems to have passed. Three times per day, I apply the oils. At the very least, they make the wound feel better. Never before have I had this severe a reaction to any insect bite, but I feel confident that it is healing well.

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