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Sunday, June 9, 2013

130609 IRS and Blogging

The confirmation that certain government officials and agencies were targeting certain people and groups has me bugged. For two years, I have not been able to file a tax return electronically due to unknown complications that resulted in rejection by the IRS. An H&R Block representative told me that I made too little to bother with filing, so I avoided the hassle and didn't. What happens when I do make enough to have to file? I post a lot political dissent. Have I been targeted for my divisive public opinions? For my associations? My relations? Am I paranoid? Some say I have a right to be paranoid, considering my history.

On a technicality in 2010, I was denied medicaid for emergency surgery, and my children were denied food stamps in 2011. They said I had three cars. The State of Texas had taken two of them, but they were officially titled to me. I had to sell my farm, so no benefits. My daughter is doing OK with work and college, but I can't find a job I can do. My skills and education are outdated, because in twenty years, I hadn't worked outside the home. My chosen profession needs to be 'cutting edge', not 'tried and true'. More generically obtainable work is too physically taxing for my current health. I suck at sales.

No work seems to be available, and the money from the sale of the farm has been spent. No large items remain to be sold. Moon has to finish college, but she's self motivated and will be able to complete her goals. Agent still needs direct action on her preparation for adulthood. My biggest expenses are the phones and automobile expenses. We owe nothing on the cars, but insurance and maintenance cost quite a bit.

Phone and Internet cost $160 a month. Selling the cars will save $5000/year, not counting gasoline. In August, the contract with the phones and the Internet expires. If nothing changes with my income, I shall cancel everything  Just sayin'. If I disappear at that time, it's because I am living off the grid. The grid costs money I don't have. Maybe I will live longer that way.

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  1. Crossing all digits something turns up and change for the better. *hugs*