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Saturday, July 13, 2013

130713 Colored Drugs

Sometimes, it seems as if legislators hunt for ways to control every aspect of our lives. For those on the Feingold Diet who use pharmaceuticals, this bill would deprive them of the necessary option of NOT adding dyes and flavorings to medications. Diphenhydramine, for instance, can stop a dangerous allergy attack, but for those of us sensitive to dyes, the pink-colored cure can be as devastating as the disease. While this drug has become more available in colorless form, there are many others which do not.

If you like writing letters and email, there is info in the article. Pray, if that is your preference. In our case, we have converted our medicine cabinet to Young Living Essential Oils, and quit using man-made chemicals for symptom control. This really avoids the dyes, flavorings, and other man-made substances that mess with our brains.

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