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Monday, May 5, 2014

140505 Tea and Nutritive Substances

I should not have had that glass of iced tea before bed. I slept for four hours, then *boing* I'm wide awake! Did you know that stevia goes bad when left out? Yep. Dissolve stevia in a drink, leave it to get warm and yuck. It tastes like spoiled, overly ripe citrus. Who knew?

Stevia is a naturally occurring sweetener, so can 'go bad' as all natural products do. The sure sign of nutrition is how fast it goes bad. Meat and vegetables rot quickly. Twinkies last forever.

Two weeks ago, I bought a tiny mouse for George, the ball python. He ignores it. If he doesn't swallow one instantly, he tends to ignore his food until it dies. I've been feeding the little rodent. It plowed through my supply of stale sunflower seeds. I gave it a single slice of pepperoni, a bit of kale, and a chunk of carrot. It loved the kale. Then, it ate the carrot as if it were corn on the cob. It ate all around the outside and saved the core for last. It completely ignored the pepperoni in favor of the sunflower husks and the vegetables. This surprises me. I thought it would love the high calorie meat. Maybe, the spices deter it. Strong spices do upset pests. We can't use Thieves to clean George's cage because it has cloves in it. Cloves repel snakes. Peppermint repels mice. I love both.

Now, I'm hungry.

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