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Saturday, July 5, 2014

140705 Recruitment

For the first time ever, I have managed to recruit partners in weight loss. It happened by accident. Agent has become disgusted with her weight gain. She started adding ten unnecessary pounds in that brief experience with public school. Since then, she has packed on another 25 pounds, so wants to drop 35.

In January and February, I put on 20 pounds without changing my eating habits. Maybe it's the Menopause Mound? Whatever. I didn't need it, and weight has finally affected my blood pressure. It has ceased being low average!

I suggested to Agent that we should try a diet together. The Eat Right 4 Your Type did not thing for her, so I suggested the Body Type Diet. It's a fun little diet from the '90s that gives a couple of tests and a detailed account of what each body type should eat. While her blood type is the same as mine, she has a completely different body type, so I printed out what she should eat. She is really trying to eat the things the diet tells her to eat. I went on it with her for support, because I had followed it before she was born.

This diet lead to pregnancy. My husband (now ex-) and I had been trying to have children for seven years, and when I went on this diet, I ate meat for the first time since childhood. Next thing I knew, I was pregnant! Other factors were involved, of course, but this book had said that my particular body type needed red meat. I decided that the author's claims were not bogus.

When I told a friend that Emily and I were dieting together, he decided that he wanted to be involved. That brought us to three of the four types listed. I am P-Type for round all over fat. Agent is G-Type for all the fat going to ONE PLACE. Yeah, she sits on it. My friend is T-type because it is all sits like tubes around his middle. Then, when Moon found out we were dieting, she decided to join us. She claims that she needs to lose 15 pounds. Really? She is the final type: A-Type. A-Types are the husky, large muscled, beer-bellied apple types with florid square faces and hearty appetites. She MIGHT have fifteen pounds to lose, but from what I can see, it's mostly muscle. She USED to have a tummy, but now is just looks like five pounds of soft, but flat, flesh. Muscle on women tends to look like fat, until they flex it.

That's our four types. So far, I have felt a boost in energy, and I've lost three pounds. Our week starts on Monday, because last Sunday, I went to a bridal shower and ate some cake.

I may post details of the diet, but here is the book:

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  1. =) Sounds like a fun way to diet. Best of luck to all of you!