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Saturday, November 29, 2014

141129 More Cross Posting From Atkins

Thursday's overage must not have been so bad. I had no carvings yesterday, which is what makes diets so difficult.

Today, I have had a strong desire for water. It's just before noon, and I've had three quarts. Before Atkins, I would usually drink up to four quarts per day, so this is not that out of line. I decided not to limit my water. I take in enough sea salt to compensate.

Currently, I eat five small meals per day. I load the calories early, because it gives this morning person energy for the day.
  1. Usually some kind of beef starts my day. I love the Atkins frozen dinner of Beef and Broccoli. First thing this morning, I had an on-the-go breakfast of beef jerky, which had four grams of sugars in it, and not enough fat calories. :( 
  2. Mid-morning, I had 1.5 slices of bacon, 2 eggs, 1 oz Swiss, and two tablespoons of San Antonio salsa.
  3. For lunch, I am having chicken with coconut oil and broccoli.
  4. Mid-afternoon will be a salmon filet with pumpkin cooked in butter. 
  5. Supper will be consumme, salad, and maybe some leftover chicken, if I'm still hungry.
Most days are similar. It keeps things simple and prevents impulse eating. So far, my daughter's blueberry bagels have not tempted me.
Someone brought sugar-free cranberry sauce, sugar-free pie, and sugar-free cookies. I had no idea what the carb count was, but I ate them anyway.

Also, I ran out of bg testing strips, so I have no idea what happened to my blood glucose. No headaches, and no dizziness seem to say that the diabetes part was OK, but I think I overdid the carbohydrates. I'm back on Induction today. Should I restart the two weeks? Today would have been Day 9, if I hadn't gone over.

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