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Monday, January 19, 2015

150119 Still Alive and Watching X-Files

I haven't been writing much lately. I even quit posting on the Atkins site. No time, or no thoughts, or a combination of both.

On my Amazon Prime account, I noticed that I could watch the X-Files for free, so started doing that. I'm glad I don't believe that stuff. My sister was really into it, and is a first class conspiracy theorist. Sometimes, it is hard to talk to her when she latches onto a theory. I have only one: Satan. It's all his fault. ;) God, however, is stronger. Without God, I'd be in hot water.

Right now, I am out of hot water. Cold water is missing, too. Something under the house broke, and I'm waiting on a plumber. Thankfully, I have two five-gallon jugs with which to get water from the neighbors. It's not a problem; it's an adventure.

If this drags on, it could become a problem.

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  1. Crossing all digits you have water running again very soon!
    Up at the farm the well pump run on electricity. Whenever the power is out - which is fairly often during the cold season, due to trees falling on the lines, we are without water. I have water bottled for such emergencies, but if it lasts for more than a few hours, things get difficult.

    Not blogging much either. There are too much on my plate these days with sick parents, money issues and inflammation/aching. When I'm done with the things I have to do, there is not enough energy to go online other than to watch mindless series, etc.
    I watched X-files when it ran on TV over here and I enjoyed it, but as you, I'm no conspiracy theorist. At the time, it was something new and different