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Monday, February 9, 2015

150209 Water Is Not a Problem; Godzilla is.

I thought I'd better update everyone on the 'water' problem. The plumbers fixed it. The end.

Or is it?

Fans of the old Japanese science fiction horror films might see the humor in that. It was the tag end of the old black and white Godzilla films. It could be that a miniature version of Godzilla now lives in the pipes. Every time I flush the toilet, the bathtub glubs. Online research says that there is trapped air in the line, or maybe an $8 valve is defective. Either way, I'm not removing the wooden skirting and crawling in the soggy mud under the house to find it. It is too minor for that. Internet 'experts' suggested that it may be caused by too much TP, so we'll start with reducing that. Isn't this a fun topic?

Yesterday, I told people that I talked about essential oils in my blog. Yeah, I need to do something about actually doing that. Essential oils won't fix plumbing. They may make me feel better about it, but they are not designed to deal with technology! For the first time in years, I have been experiencing 'hay fever'. It used to be so bad, I could not function without heavy doses of antihistamines and decongestants. Then, I discovered that certain foods made the rhinitis worse, and drinking more water made the stuffiness go away. Why did it come back?

Usually, a whiff of peppermint or lavender would stop the drip, but that wasn't working this time. I went all out and tried Harmony:

At $85 for this little bottle, I should hope it would work, and it did. I like the smell, too. Back to my question - why did the rhinitis come back? The answer lies in the diet aid someone suggested to me. I've been guzzling Bullet Proof Coffee. It contains cream. Cream comes from cow's milk. Cow's milk products cause my body to fight itself, (a.k.a. allergies). I've also been eating quite a bit of cheese. I was using cheese as a substitute for various high carbohydrate snacks. Mystery solved. Quit the cow's milk products. Bullet Proof Coffee without cream needs a lot of stevia. My body will thank me for this, even as my mouth cries over the lack. I should check to see if goat's milk causes the same excess of drip. Almond milk might work.

Bullet Proof Coffee came from the Paleo Diet (220-270 calories and 0.5 carbohydrates)
1 large cup coffee
1 tablespoon of butter
1 tablespoon of coconut oil
1 tablespoon of cream (optional)
stevia to taste.

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