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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

150527 Flash Floods

My sister called me because I hadn't called her. It didn't occur to me that the national news would say that all of Texas had washed away. No, just half of it...

My dad had no flooding, but this was a bridge near where he lives. Yes, that on the left is what's left of the road which was forced off of its moorings on the right.

This is Houston. The water rose faster than these people could get off the street.

 This was taken AFTER the waters receded a bit:

Again, after waters receded. The blue thing is a couch in a tree above people's heads.

Downtown Austin was a lake.

 This was a house. Houses in Wimberley look like this today:

My family is safe and dry. We live above the flood plain for the Medina River. Every year, it floods somewhere in Texas, but usually, the flood is small or affects only unpopulated areas. San Antonio was hit so often, that the city built an underground river system, starting in 1937. WE don't have many pictures like this because of it. We do have some stories. I have one from Saturday.

While driving home Saturday afternoon, the rain stopped. The road had puddles, but otherwise seemed clear. Several of us traveled the speed limit on a five lane road when suddenly, water appeared all around! Culebra Creek was hidden behind businesses, houses, and trees to my left. The water reached my bumper before I knew that water was on the road! The two cars to my right stalled out and drifted. The truck to my left slowed to a stop. I prayed for God to keep my little car moving forward, and I applied the gas. After I passed the new lake, the police put up barricades. To God be the glory, because my car could have been a statistic.

Someone expressed it accurately. Texas has two kinds of weather: drought or flood. Earlier this month, we were laboring under a multi-year drought. Now, we aren't.

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  1. I am so glad to hear you and your loved ones are safe and dry! May has been unusually wet and cold over here. According to the local papers we have to go back more than 30 years to find anything similar