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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Can I Make This Dry and Boring?

Warning, this is not the kind of thing that nice Christian ladies discuss. I was going to title it "Sex", but decided that I didn't want a thousand hits. I'm pretty sure that only one person reads this, and sex between consenting adults is not illegal. I have tremendous drive in this area, so stop reading if this bothers you. I talked for a long time with Jeremy last night. One thing about our former relationship, is that it has granted us a particular closeness, and we can discuss anything. He was amused when I told him about it.

Then Roger called. He is an Aries who lives in San Antonio, but I met him online in a place where people my age meet. Roger is a disgusting low-life without a moral compass, but he is very good at this hobby of his. He and I have been talking about sex for awhile, then yesterday, I met him for lunch and got a tour of the back of his semi. He was amused that I talked about him to a 20-something. Men are so easily entertained.

I sound like a jaded bitch. In some ways, I am. I know what sex is. It's not dirty and it doesn't send a person to hell. It's a physical act that satisfies a craving. It was meant to bring a husband and a wife closer together. (Procreation is a wonderful by-product of sex.) It can be wrong in two instances: adultery (when one is married to someone else) and fornication (religious or ritualistic sex). That leaves a lot of room for a lot of sex. I'm free of the bond of marriage. The problem arises with the biochemical part of sex. Women 'fall in love' with their partners. I'm not in love with Roger. I'm still in love with Rudy. That's OK. Rudy is my brother in Christ. I will love him in some form forever. If he wants to continue with the romance after he finishes his class, I would welcome that. If not, my heart will heal, and I'll love him as a brother. Roger was just an experiment to remove pressure and stress.

Eventually, I may marry again. Rudy would be a good husband, but I won't marry until Agent Em finishes high school in 2016. That's a long time to to wait.

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  1. I hear ya. I know I'd go nuts without that physical release sex gives. The notion that only men have sex drive must have been made up by men for men... sex between two consenting adult is a good thing and a positive thing in my book.