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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

120327 Three Year Old Pictures

Moon posted. She reveals herself this way. Mrs. Sensei seems to be everything Sensei is not. He is expressive and open, while she is private and protective. She asked Moon to remove a picture from her Facebook album. I gave Mrs Sensei the 'like' button for that. I have asked Moon to remove items, to conceal items, to stop playing "that awful music"! (Bread) I tried to be sensitive about it, because I knew that she was hurting, too.

The picture was of Sensei giving an award to a certain young woman. When that picture was taken, it was the best of times. She had been Moon's best friend and a leader among her peers. At the end of 2008, we had no inkling of what was going to play out in the next two years. Moon says that in her heart and mind, that girl died. She loves her still, but considers the creature that took her place to be a doppelganger. The same doppelganger took her dad, too.

I know the girl exists. I accidentally saw her on the street about a year ago. She turned away, maybe because she was the one who actually made and planted the bombs. She knows that I know that. She, however, is 'free'. She got probation only, and continues with her life. Such is the way of 'justice'.

I don't have to worry about it. Worldly justice can do its own thing.
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Eventually, Evil will consume itself.

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