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Monday, April 9, 2012

120409 When We Go

I have come to the conclusion that most of the young people in college in this country are brainwashed against the Constitution. With rare exception, the ones I encounter either in person or online believe that self-determination is some kind of evil. I just watched the original Star Trek episode called, "The Menagerie". I've seen just "The Cage", too. The Talosian line, "You will now live carefully directed lives." comes to mind when politicians speak.

Saturday, a young woman was yelling to me about 'reproductive rights'. I wanted to shout back that she already had reproductive rights. No one in this country had the power to stop her from exercising her rights either to have a child or not, because birth control and even abortion is legal. In China, it is illegal to have more than one child, so sometimes, abortions are forced or newborns are killed there. In this country, a woman can have as many children as she physically can, or none at all. Abstinence costs nothing, but Trojans cost about 53 cents apiece. (Even *I* could afford Trojans!)  What this girl wanted was to have someone else pay for her birth control, which was probably not the inexpensive Trojans.

"Do as I say, not as I do!" is the cry of a hypocrite. How much of our internal conflicts makes it outside? I know that almost everything from other countries is censored (absent) here. We have a set of documents that used to be taught to every citizen. Even by the 1960s and 70s, our own citizens were forgetting why they were important. By the 1980s, Civics classes disappeared from high school. I have heard Europeans and Canadians ask why so many don't agree to Socialized Medicine, or why do we love our guns so much?. It's that pesky Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

The things that make it to our national news services are only those things that the media, the New Yorkers want people to hear. They ignore vast amounts of events, simply because those things do not follow their philosophies. Did you know that ALL of the national news services are in New York City? ALL OF THEM! New York is not the whole USA. What may work in New York, doesn't work in Texas, or Iowa, or Arizona. Only white crime is 'news worthy', not the much more prevalent black on black, or black on white rape, murder, and torture events that plague our nation. Asians are constantly attacked by non-whites, but that doesn't make it to the news programs.

What is in our founding documents?
1. The Supreme Court is supposed to test the constitutionality of the laws that Congress passes. Contrary to what Obama claims, it is their JOB. Congress may be influenced to do things the Constitution does not allow, so the Supreme Courts them and repels bad laws.
2. The President does NOT make laws. He can only sign or not sign them into being. The legislature (Congress) and the Supreme Court are supposed to restrict his actions. George Bush the First over-stepped his authority in 1990, and every president since has done the same or worse!
3. There are bad people who need to be retrained, but most people choose to do good. That is why one of the first things written in our founding document concerned our unalienable rights to "life, liberty, and the pursuit (not the guarantee) of happiness."

Chocolate is not a right; playgrounds are not a right; automobiles are not a right; air conditioning is not a right; music is not a right, and healthcare is not a right!  The United States government is not required by the Constitution to provide any of that! Those who think government needs to pay for their medical care should emigrate to Canada or Europe. Before Obamacare, we already had universal access to healthcare. It may have been expensive, but it was available. With Obamacare, access may disappear. My own doctor decided to retire early when it was passed. Now, I don't have a doctor. How's that for access?

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