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Sunday, April 15, 2012

120415 Praise and Unpraise

My last post praised Moon. Friday night, she breezily asked me to get two books from the library. I said that it would be rather difficult for me to do that. Well, as it turned out, I could not get to the library. I wasn't in SA; I spent Saturday 65 miles from the city, and made it back into town after libraries closed. Sunday, I was a mere 20 miles from the library, but returned an hour after closing.

When she returned, I was still in another town. When I came in, she asked for the books, so I asked her when her paper was due.

"Tomorrow", she said.
"When was it assigned?"
"A while ago."

She had gone out for hours with friends one weekday last week. She had gone to the movies two or three times in the past few weeks. She spend last weekend home alone, but had use of a car and her library card. Why didn't she get those books then? Why is she blaming me for losing 20% of her grade? Why is a college student asking her mom to do her leg work for her? Why did she stop doing her share of work around the house?

Well, I spent the last two weekends with Agent. It was a change we both enjoyed.

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  1. heh, teenagers, that's how they are and what they do. They barely see to the end of their own nose. They expect you to care for them as they were still a kid, but give them the freedom as if they were adults. They have the same expectations of you as a parents as they did when they were 5, but raise hell if you voice any expectations for them... Perhaps it's a last rebellious try to fight the strain of being a responsible grownup?

    In the end, her education is her own responsibility and she'll have to learn to schedule her studying/free time one way or another. My daughter had to fail a class in high school to learn that...