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Friday, April 20, 2012

120420 Today's Blah

My daughter blogs. 

The Legend of Me

An exhilarating tale of friendship and conquest.

She writes well. Several years ago, she wrote some fantasy short stories while I was taking a few college level writing classes. I intended to write professionally, and accomplished that goal. It didn't, and still doesn't pay well. Her father read the stories, and made some disparaging comments that crushed her spirit. How appalling! He never wrote more than what was required by basic necessity or coercion, (school).  By the age of 40, he had written two letters, some papers in high school, and a number of short incident reports.

He claimed that as a reader, he should be able to criticize another person's writing. Yes, and no. A reader can say that he likes or dislikes something, but fails to give constructive criticism until he knows how to write something himself. Combining words on a page takes effort. A mere reader is not that helpful to a beginning writer. I tried to tell her that she was young and still learning, but she quit writing stories.

My daughter blogs, and it is good for her. She does well with writing projects at college, so maybe someday she will write fiction again. I don't read much fiction anymore. Maybe, I feel that all the stories have been written, though it hasn't stopped me from writing more of them. I just don't read anything new. When I looked at all the books I have read in the last year, they were almost all non-fiction. If Moon wrote fiction, however, I'd read that.

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