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Monday, October 22, 2012

121022 Work

Once again, I admit to not being a salesman. No matter, God provides. This month I have lost my distributorship, so my daughter's boyfriend has decided to buy Herbalife. Great timing, dude! We had a stockpile from last year, so I resold some of those to him.

Oh well, I'm thankful. He also used some oils yesterday, so maybe he'll become interested in them, too. His mom liked them, but hasn't bought any. Young Living also sells a weight loss shake, but I haven't tried it. I trust them more than I do the chemical-laden Herbalife products.

I've decided to look for a part time job close to home. This means I actually have to get up and go places. It would be nice if some place within walking distance determines that they need a shuffling old lady hanging around the place doing something physically slow. I'll let you know if anything happens.

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  1. Will be crossing all digits and pray the right job shows up!