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Sunday, March 1, 2015

150301 Politically Correct Lies

People use euphemisms to soften a hard truth, but that is not what political correctness does. Political correctness disguises the truth. Leonard Nimoy, a respected entertainer, passed and was laid to rest. That says it much more nicely than, "The old coot freakin' died!" (Strangely, I was more saddened when another Russian Jew left the land of the living. I still mourn the death of Isaac Asimov.) Euphemisms help us to cope with harsh truths. This explains why we have such a hilarious number of them for the end of life.

This morning, I read some trollings concerning opposing political opinions. The PC crowd cannot handle facts. They have to explain them with corrections. They have to massage the numbers into a lie. One of my favorite lies says that when 17% of the population commits 39% of all non-drug related crime, it has to be the fault of the other 83% of the population. Part of that lie says that education has to be acquired without discipline, because discipline means oppression. Tell that to an Olympic gold-metalist. Another lie says that culture doesn't matter. It doesn't matter unless that culture is Christian, because Christians are oppressive, divisive, and destructive, (unlike Muslims,who are simply misunderstood).

Where do I get these ideas? Mainstream American news outlets and the trolls who follow them beat these messages on the relentless drums of propaganda. In 2012, I made the dark prediction that we Americans have had our last free election. Now more and more people are starting to agree. Few adults know history without the filter of the progressive agenda. Fewer children have any idea what brought about our Declaration of Independence, nor what true freedom entails.

2 Corinthians 3:17
"Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty."

Obviously, in order to bring about a totalitarian government, they have to get rid of God. Only God can bring us back to freedom.

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