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Monday, March 16, 2015

150316 High Blood Pressure

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. I simply observe and record, so these are merely personal accounts for you to consider.

Blood pressure seems to be related to fluid balance and the ability of the body to circulate them. Cleansing and digestion also seem to be critical to normal body function. Therefore, getting enough fluids is critical.

I have noticed that an essential oil known as Ylang Ylang gives great results. One lady took her bp before and after breathing the aroma. Her bp dropped 15 points.

15ml $53.62

Another one that helps me to be calm and peaceful is called, Peace and Calming™. It is rare, so often I choose Aroma Life™ instead. Both make me feel good, but I have not checked my blood pressure after using them. Both Peace and Calming™ and Aroma Life™ have Ylang Ylang in them.

5ml is $18.75 and 15ml is $43.09
15ml is $56.91

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