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Friday, March 20, 2015

150320 Essential Oil "Morphine Bomb"

No, there are no opiates in it. For the last few days, I felt like seeping garbage. I probably smell funny, too. A week or so ago, I bragged that I hadn't had so much as a cold for years, and guess what? I have a cold, or a flu, or the creeping crud. I am feeling like nine-day-old vomit that the dog won't touch. Why is it that a cold feels so much worse than a near-death experience?

Last week, a friend asked me about the "Morphine Bomb". It was all over Facebook for awhile. Essential oil people claim that it alleviates pain. I made one for Moon, and she said her migraine left. Then that Mack Truck hit me...

I was laying in bed wondering if I could possibly feel any worse when I realized that the oils I used on Moon were still on the counter.

Five drops each into a gelatin capsule makes a pain-killing combo that also makes me happy. I wonder if this stuff is addictive? My sinus cavities are still stuffed and draining out the back, so my throat is still scratchy, but the pain is gone. Did I mention that it also made me happy?

It's not cheap; it costs about $5 a dose, but compared to chemical meds, it's a bargain! These three bottles together cost $240.00 and make about 50 capsules. In come cases, money CAN buy happiness. In additions to certain other properties, Frankincense is a mood lifter. ;)

Find these and other oils under "Product Line"

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