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Saturday, January 16, 2016

160115 Consented to Chemicals

    About midnight, pain was a 10, and my daughter, who doesn't have a driver's license, almost tried to drive my 6-speed to the ER while I whimpered in a fetal position. I kept asking for ten minutes until we both fell into fitful sleep. When I woke, the pain was down to dull ache, so I thought I was through the worst of it.

At noon, the pain meter started to rise again, so I took myself to the clinic. As usual, the medical people frowned and asked me how I was tolerating this, and prescribed a lot of med. I have massive infections in both ears, all my sinus' are totally blocked with infectious crud, and one eye is diseased. Also, the creeping crud is attempting to make a foot hold in my lungs. While I was paying the bill, my right eardrum burst, so they dragged me back to the examination room to clean that, too. At least the pain quit, even if once again, I have to see a person's lips to know what he or she is saying.

They worked with me on the drugs, so it didn't take my life savings. After one set of doses, however, I remembered what really bothers me about Albuteral, and that I have to continually remind myself why Predisone is so very bad for me, because steroids make everything OK. (Reading warning labels NOW!) I find it funny that opiates make me paranoid and receive my undying hatred, but steroids make me feel really, really good. (I am, in fact, indulging in a little gluten right now, because Predisone keeps its horrible reactions away.) Tomorrow, I will be getting some drops for the infections in my eye and ears. I'm supposed to pick up over-the-counter Flonase, which I hate, so I'll pass. I cannot take showers until my ear heals, but I can breathe steam when I make tea. That will take care of most of what Flonase is supposed to do.

I'll be drinking lots of fluids, including Jewish Penicillin. The doctor thought this started as Cedar Fever. "Cedar Fever" is actually an allergy to the pollen from Mountain Cedar. Pollination started a few weeks ago and will continue through March. I moved into the worst place possible for Cedar Fever. It will develop into an infectious disease when the immune system is shocked or weakened. Driving 3000 miles with little sleep and emotional stress qualifies as a system shock. Next year, I shall prepare myself for this Hill Country gem.

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