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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

160126 Dearth

Once I decided to write more, I wrote less. I added someone to my Live Journal that I regret. I could just delete her from my feed, but then I'd be doing what I dislike about what others do when they hear diverse opinions. I guess it's the haughty, "I'm right, and you're stupid" attitude she exudes. She's right because it feels evolved, and not so stuck in the mud of human history. We humans recycle this attitude every eighty years or so, and my 90 year old father does like to point out the American similarities to certain German attitudes of the early 20th Century. In this case, the common enemy has become vocal Christians who actually read their Bibles.

People with partial knowledge attack the Bible. It has become quite vogue to point out what is not included and what contradicts. They don't know how we got the Septuagint, nor why certain writings were included and others excluded. Most churches and denominations place more importance on their own interpretations and commentaries than on the actual Biblical texts, and it makes for a confusing, humanistic argument. All the books of the Bible were physically written by a human hand, but God was the Author. Either one believes, or he disbelieves. If one does not believe God, then the Bible is flawed. If one does believe God, however, then the Bible reveals God. The supposed flaws were attempts by the Adversary to discredit God. The closer one looks at the Bible as it was originally written, the more one sees that God had a hand in making it as perfect as possible in a world run by the free will of man.

The world will not continue as it has. We are due for a major shift in how life is conducted on this planet. It won't be towards the Star Trek Utopia that so many adore. People don't change. They endlessly repeat the mistakes of the past. The names change, the settings change, but the results continue to be the same. Civilizations rise and fall, while people sift through the same recycled ideas that lead to the same risings and fallings of previous civilizations. That's why I read Proverbs. People still respond to the same stimuli and behave as they did five thousand years ago.

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