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Monday, December 5, 2011

111205 Monday

I broke down and set an appointment with a chiropractor. My knee feels like it is slipping and sliding in and out of socket, and the sudden pains are bad enough to make me shriek with every misstep. I need to know what kind of brace or bandage to put on it. What I have been doing is not right. Over-the-counter products are either too tight or ineffective. Lavender and peppermint make it feel good, until it pops out again.

Pain is a signal that something is wrong. I can deal with pain. Last year proved that, when the ER nurse asked how I could handle what the numbers said I must have been feeling. Raymond used to chide me for being a wimp whenever I mentioned pain, but now I know that pain means I need to do something. I told the chiropractic nurse that I would pay for an x-ray.

Next, I want to see a homeopath. Maybe, I should simply treat myself. I know some things and can study more treatments for myself. The doctor I contacted did not answer last week’s e-mail nor today’s phone call. Not a good beginning. Trust is a major factor in naturopathic medicine. Then again, the chiropractor may be enough. Once I get the knee fixed, the rest may fall into place.


  1. =( *hugs* I'm sorry to hear about your knee being so painful still. Hope the chiropractor can fix it for you

  2. How is your knee these days? Are you getting treatment or some aid/meds for it?