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Thursday, December 22, 2011

111222 Homemade Salve

Well, it worked well enough that I slept all night, got up early, and cleaned house today. I reapplied it this morning, and need some now, too. Looks like three times a day will take care of the pain from normal activity. It works better than Tiger Balm. Agent Em complains about it, but Moon thinks it smells good.

In my palm, I put two drops of Peppermint Oil, two drops of Lavender Oil and rubbed it all over the top and sides of my knee. The pain is greatest where the ligaments are. Then, I sealed the oils in place with about a tablespoon of  Vick's Vapor rub, which had the other two recommended ingredients: Menthol and Eucalyptus.

I use my new found pain relief to exercise the muscles around the knee. On a hard chair or bench where my legs can swing freely, I simply lift my leg at the knee slowly in three sets as if I were weight training, but without weights. It seems wimpy, but this knee is so damaged that wimp is the best I can do. For aerobics and 'real' weight training, I need to stick with upper body work. ;) Moon bought me a membership to Planet Fitness. After the holidays, I'll see a trainer there.

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